Hear from four dynamic power couples who make the impossible look possible and the daunting become reality. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to meet the men and women who are influencing our world today and the issues that are deeply important to the Jewish people and the global community. Register here: Dynamic Duos: Interviews with People Who Inspire Us‍.

MARCH 3, 2021: Rabbi Dr. Seth Farber and Michelle Farber share insights on their accomplishments from making Talmud more accessible to women since founding Hadran, to creating a more inclusive Israel by helping people navigate Jewish religious bureaucracy by way of Itim, a Jerusalem-based organization founded by Rabbi Farber. 

MARCH 10, 2021: Rabbi Joanna Samuels is a nationally recognized spiritual leader and social activist. In her role as the founding executive director of the Manny Cantor Center, Joanna is redefining the Jewish Community Center and the Settlement House for a new era, focusing on amplifying rights of all people in the pursuit of democracy. Jeremy Hockenstein founded Digital Divide Data (DDD) to bring tech skills and living-wage work opportunities to men and women in underserved communities in Asia. DDD is known as one of the early companies to create a socially responsible outsourcing practice known today as impact sourcing. Join us to hear from this pioneering power couple on what makes them tick and how they work to re-imagine a brighter future.

MARCH 17, 2021: Meet Maayan Hoffman, American-Israeli journalist, news editor and head of online content for The Jerusalem Post and her husband, Gil Hoffman, chief political correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, as they share their insights as acclaimed storytellers responsible for the news that shapes the Jewish community.

MARCH 24, 2021: Harriett Rosetto founded Beit Tshuvah over 30 years ago as an act of tikkun olam in helping repair Jewish souls suffering from addiction. Harriett’s work is grounded in spiritual healing and provides a community that supports all addicts so they can thrive and create a brighter future starting with themselves. Rabbi Mark Borovitz is the founding rabbi at Beit Tshuvah and helps recovering addicts find their calling and way in the world. He works to support the residents and congregants and has made it his mission to de-stigmatize this disease through rehabilitation and reintegration founded on wisdom and Jewish principles.