Florence Melton z"l

In 1980, Florence Melton z"l, a renowned philanthropist and Jewish community activist, defied conventional wisdom by suggesting that a significant population of adults would commit themselves to an extended program of quality Jewish learning. She then undertook — together with The Hebrew University of Jerusalem — the development of the Florence Melton Adult Mini-School, which was later renamed the Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning. Since then she was continuously involved in the evolution of the Melton School, first as chairperson of the board and then as chairperson emeritus.… Read More

Samuel M. Melton z"l

Sam Melton z"l (1900-1993), industrialist, businessman, educational entrepreneur and philanthropist, was born in Czechoslovakia and grew up in Toledo, Ohio. An engineer and accountant by training, Sam grew the small business he started in his father’s garage at the age of 24, into the multi-million dollar Capitol Manufacturing and Supply of Columbus, a leading producer of steel pipe fittings. Retiring from business in 1959, Sam Melton turned his attention fully to a range of community and educational philanthropic enterprises, including sponsorship of The Melton Research Center for Jewish… Read More

Gordon Zacks z"l

Gordon B. Zacks z"l, an expert on the Middle East and staunch supporter of Israel, worked as Chairman of the Board of the NASDAQ listed company R. G. Barry Corporation, the world's largest marketer and supplier of comfort footwear. Recognized as an authority on the qualities of leadership, Zacks was a frequently sought after speaker. He served as a behind-the-scenes advisor, confidante, and friend of Vice President and then President George H. W. Bush on Israel/American relations, the Middle East peace process, Soviet Jewry, Ethiopian Jewry, and the changing political landscape of the… Read More