Our Sages, Our Teachers, Our Leaders are a fundamental component to living a Jewish life. Historically, the sages as a collective have also given hope to the Jewish people, offered wisdom, and maintained individuals and communities through hardships of persecution, dispersal, and even disease. In these moments of sorrow and fear, in the midst of a global pandemic and political upheaval, join our sages of today. Four contemporary Rabbis from Melton communities around the globe will help us gain insights, pass on wisdom, and sustain our hope.

Meets: Thursdays, 90 minutes, 5 p.m. Pacific | 8 p.m. Eastern | Next Day 12 p.m. Australia
Runs: March 4 – March 25, 2021
Number of Lessons: 4
Faculty: Rabbi Elliott Cosgrove, Rabbi Michael Siegel, Rabbi Yael Splansky, and Rabbi Elizabeth Hersh


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