I have gained many personal insights as to what Judaism is and will continue to evolve into for me. The class not only discussed basic facts, including historical outlines of the Jewish People, dilemmas throughout the ages, life cycle events and holidays, but also caused me to think, to consider and reconsider the meaning of Judaism from a variety of perspectives. My learning has only started - I know that I will continue to study, to dissect, and to incorporate all these definitions into my life.

Nancy C. Dougherty - St. Louis, Missouri

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    “I think the course enriched my conceptualization of what it means to be truly human, and what our responsibilities are as people and how we look at other people.”
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    “Seeing the interpretations of the commentators through the lens of when they lived and who they would have been trying to influence has been so valuable. Additionally, the interest and varied thinking of our fellow students contributes so much to my learning.”


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