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Some time ago, I studied the Dead Sea Scrolls sitting at the hot and dusty mouth of Cave No. 4 in Qumran. For a middle-aged Jewish woman deeply committed to life-long learning, it simple doesn’t get any better than that…The seminar was incredible – a dream come true. Although I’ve been to Israel many times, this was a dramatically different trip. I experienced Israel as a pilgrim rather than as a tourist. I donate to Melton because these Travel Seminars make the learning come to life. It is important that they continue to be developed and offered to adult Jewish learners.

—  Randi Brenowitz, Donor Circle Chair,
Palo Alto, CA

Image: Randi Brenowitz, center, in the Jewish
catacombs in Venice, Italy



The Melton Curricula is the centerpiece of a defining learning experience in classrooms around the globe and in the unforgettable Melton Travel Seminars that extend learning beyond the classroom. Your annual Donor Circle contribution supports curriculum development and the creation of new Melton Travel Seminars.

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