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Rachel and I met at a Jewish summer camp when she was ten and I was eleven years old. Her father was the lead educator, and he picked me out of the crowd of noisy boys and very cleverly arranged my marriage to his daughter. She was my soul mate from that time forward. She put me through school and I put her through school and since Rachel was a teacher at Solomon Schechter, Jewish education was always an important value. But it wasn’t until we took our first Melton class that we ever studied together; the experience was life-changing. Rachel loved Melton, and I loved studying with Rachel. We took two Melton Travel Seminars in Israel which were unforgettable. When she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, I wanted to do something meaningful for Rachel and for Melton. The Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum* is the gift that we made together.

—  Norton Wasserman, Melton Society Donor,
Deerfield, IL

Image: Rachel (z”l) and Norton Wasserman


Melton Society donors support the development of new strategic directions and programs of the Florence Melton School. These significant gifts provide the funding capacity to launch new projects, reach new audiences of learners, and impact the Jewish world.

*The Rachel Wasserman Scholars Curriculum includes courses on the books of the Torah and on topics
relating to the modern Jewish experience which have been developed for study in Melton Schools worldwide.
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