Yesod I Jewish Leadership 2.0Communities have the opportunity to select one of two available curricula to be taught to their cohort. Both Curricula were written by Dr. Erica Brown and feature eight modules of instruction, with focus shared equally between personal and organizational leadership skill training. Utilizing case studies and other leadership exercises, the modules are designed to give lay leaders a focused time to learn, network and be challenged in the presence of like-minded individuals who can help them reflect on their own leadership obstacles and opportunities.

Like all courses of the Florence Melton School of Jewish Learning, The Yesod Program encourages the active participation of every adult learner in the room in an atmosphere of respect and sensitivity to the multiple voices present.

Curriculum 2, Yesod II: Leading with Inspiration: A Jewish Approach features a special emphasis on communication skills. It also features new text and case studies for communities who have already taught Curriculum 1 and would like to provide additional learning opportunities in the same effective format.

Table of Contents 

Module 1: Listening and Questioning Like a Leader

Module 2: Your Jewish Leadership Story and How to Tell It

Module 3: Public Speaking with Clarity and Style

Module 4: Writing Your Way to Leadership Success

Module 5: Creating and Communicating Your OrganizationalStory

Module 6: Motivating, Inspiring and Facilitating Others

Module 7: Trust Building for Team Building: The Lay/Professional Partnership and Beyond

Module 8: Creating a Culture of Service and Belonging

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