• Topic: History, Israel
  • Duration: 20+ sessions

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Become a mini-Middle East expert in just 20 weeks, as we study the roots of the conflict between Jews and Arabs over the modern State of Israel. Analyzing newspaper articles, speeches, poems, photographs, and maps, we will re-trace history on a path from 1948-today, examining each war and attempt at peace. The material is designed to encourage discussion and debate about religion, culture, politics, economics, identity, and survival, challenging learners to appreciate the basis of the claims made by all sides. Together, we’ll leap into these complex topics, probing why a lasting peace between Israel and the Arab world has been so elusive and what developments might be next. Register today.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Region - Palestine Pre-1880

Lesson 2 - The Underpinnings of Jewish and Arab Nationalism

Lesson 3 - The Development of Jewish Palestine Through WWI

Lesson 4 - Between the Wars

Lesson 5 - WWII and the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Lesson 6 - Moving Towards Zionist Independence

Lesson 7 - Israel's War of Independence

Lesson 8 - The Suez Canal Crisis and the Sinai Campaign

Lesson 9 - Rise of Palestinian Nationalism

Lesson 10 - The Six-Day War

Lesson 11 - The War of Attrition

Lesson 12 - The Yom Kippur War

Lesson 13 - Peace with Egypt

Lesson 14 - Hoping for Peace, Preparing for Conflict

Lesson 15 - Intifada

Lesson 16 - The Price for Peace

Lesson 17 - From Peace Talk to Peace Talk

Lesson 18 - Shattered Dreams

Lesson 19 - Mounting Tensions

Lesson 20 - From Narratives to Solutions

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