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Jul 22, 2020

News from Our Schools

South Africa Midrasha Adult Education Institute of Cape Town had a winning week last week – starting a Jewish Medical Ethics: A 21st Century Discussion class with many students from health-care professions. The class is comprised of medical doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacists, psychologists, speech therapists, social workers and counsellors for Cape Town's local Jewish seniors organization, as well as non-medical people who are interested in the subject. The Cape Town Melton School is also… read more
Apr 07, 2020

We feel refreshed. Guess why.

The Passover holiday is almost upon us – a time when the Jewish people celebrates rebirth and renewal. This year, Melton is feeling particularly refreshed because we’ve refreshed our brand identity. We’re happy to reveal our new brand positioning: Never Stop Seeking. While our mission and our purpose remain unchanged – we’ve adjusted our brand identity to better reflect our brand in today’s world. Never Stop Seeking is more than three words – it’s a point of view on Judaism, on education, and… read more
Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Mar 17, 2020

Melton Responds to COVID-19 with a series of new online learning opportunities

Our tradition (Talmud Yoma 35) tells a wonderful story about Hillel’s experiences as a young learner. In his time, there was a daily entrance fee to learn Torah in the house of study. One frosty winter day, Hillel did not have enough money to pay the fee, and so he climbed onto the roof of the building to listen to the Torah being taught below. He stayed all night and by the morning, he was covered in a deep drift of snow. The unprecedented efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus have… read more
Jewish Lives - 4 Questions
May 23, 2019

Melton Executive Director Answers '4 Questions' from Jewish Lives

Jewish Lives, the producer of a prize-winning series of biographies, recently put "4 Questions" to preeminent thinkers on the topics of the Jewish past, present and future – and favorite Jewish books. Here are the answers from Rabbi Rachel Bovitz, Melton's Executive Director: 1. In your opinion, what is the defining feature of Jewish life today? For the most part, Jews today can opt-in or opt-out of living Jewishly and being part of a community. I’ve found that many who opt-out have inaccurate… read more
Feb 13, 2019

Melton Announces Randi Brenowitz as Chair of International Board of Directors

The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, a project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is delighted to announce the appointment of Randi Brenowitz as Chair of its International Board of Directors, taking on the organization’s lead volunteer and governance role. Brenowitz succeeds Don Katz of Columbus, Ohio, who served as Chairman since 2014. Don will remain on the Board of Directors and has become the Board Chair Emeritus. Ms. Brenowitz is the organization’s fourth board chair in… read more
Jan 24, 2019

Celebration of Learning

Melton staff and directors joined the Boca Raton Melton community for a Celebration of Learning at B'nai Torah Congregation on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019. Director Penina Bredoff opened the evening, followed by greetings from Don Katz, Melton Board Chairman; Rabbi Rachel Bovitz, Executive Director; and Rabbi Morey Schwartz, International Director of Education and Innovation. Rabbi Schwartz presented a signed copy of Melton’s newest curriculum to donor Toni Sandler of Boca Raton. Jewish Medical… read more