Special Programs

Melton has a history of successful partnerships that bring customized Jewish education to special groups. The programs below are currently accepting new partners — you can bring this learning to your community now.

Or talk to us about how Melton can work with you to develop new programs just for your group.
  • The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is proud to introduce "What's Mine is Yours", a unique curriculum designed specifically for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

    The curriculum consists of various modules (three one-hour lessons each). The first four modules were adapted from Members of the Tribe, covering foundational Jewish concepts related to identity and meaning. The next two will be available in the Fall 2024 and are being adapted from Press Pause: Rest, Assured, which centers around Shabbat and finding personal meaning. New adaptations are in the works, and we will share those when they become available in the near future.

    Accessibility is a core tenet of Melton's mission. As we continue to pursue that mission, we look forward to expanding "What's Mine is Yours" to communities across the world, thereby making Jewish learning available to all adults.

    For more information about bringing this learning opportunity to your community, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • The Yesod Community Leadership Development program helps communities build their pipeline of excellent volunteer leadership. Hands-on training develops practical leadership skills. Jewish texts frame and inspire the conversation.

    Bringing this program to a community is an investment in the development of individuals with leadership potential in order to build sustainable volunteer leadership as well as solid and empowering volunteer succession plans.

    For more information about bringing this learning opportunity to your community, please contact us.
  • For Jewish high schools interested in broadening their course offerings, Melton offers a unique program to develop customized course materials based on its world-class adult courses.

    Since 2013, Melton has partnered with leading high schools to create learning experiences that engage students and empower teachers. Students encounter and analyze classical and contemporary voices representing multiple perspectives and approaches to Jewish living. Teachers are freed from finding and compiling texts – they can spend their time designing lessons and working with students.

    For more information on how to bring this initiative to your school, please contact us.
  • As reported in the Pew Report on Jewish Americans in 2020, there is a growing sense of alienation between Jews of different beliefs and different denominations.

    The Florence Melton School is well-positioned worldwide to address this growing divide through Jewish learning, providing the tools for mutual understanding and connection. For this reason, Melton is proud to be launching our “Roundtable Learning” initiative, formed in response to data from the 2020 Pew Study.

    The Melton Roundtable Learning initiative asks our partners to create learning cohorts representative of all Jewish denominations in their community, coming together for study and honest dialogue. Partner communities will choose a local teacher who is a good fit for this focus, an educator skilled in engendering group discussion and in capably facilitating community-building dialogue around emotionally charged issues.

    Melton communities interested in piloting this exciting new initiative during the upcoming Melton year will receive from Melton specially designed digital PR materials, including a new unique logo (see above) for branding this special initiative.

    Melton hopes to grow this initiative and spread it to Jewish communities throughout North America and internationally. In this way, Melton seeks to play a role in strengthening Jewish communities worldwide, a strategic priority of the Florence Melton School.

    For more information on how to bring this initiative to your school, please contact us.

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