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Why is Living Wisdom Ideal for Learners Today?

Modern Jews are searching for meaning in their lives and wondering if Judaism has what they are searching for.

Living Wisdom: Engaging, Soulful Jewish Learning addresses life’s greatest challenges by exploring and engaging with millennia of Jewish wisdom. Melton’s Living Wisdom courses provide a compelling, sophisticated Jewish learning experience that will help learners personally connect with both foundational and advanced Jewish concepts no matter their background or level of knowledge.


Who is Living Wisdom for?

  • Learners of all ages can take a deep dive into classic Jewish practices coupled with modern, contemporary applications and interpretations.
  • Learners beginning their journeys in adult Jewish learning will benefit from the essential qualities of each course, laying a solid foundation for future learning opportunities.
  • Jews who’ve recently joined our community will find every course chocked full of new ideas to explore.
  • Grandparents and elders can reflect on all these concepts and how they wish to transmit them to the next generation.
  • Caretakers and those dealing with grief may find comfort in the course Love, Loss and Wisdom, which identifies Jewish ways to confront pain, seek consolation and explore ideas on the afterlife.
  • Those on a spiritual or theological search will find so much to think about in every course and might choose to explore specific ideas related to God and prayer in either OMG, Can You Believe?! or Pray it Forward.


Nine courses comprise the Living Wisdom series:


What is Living Wisdom?

For nearly four decades, Melton has been a leader in providing sophisticated and comprehensive learning to Jewish adults worldwide.

Known for delivering curriculum that empowers learners to start their learning journey in the context of an engaged community, Melton released its NEW innovative nine-course Living Wisdom series, a contemporary version of its renowned original foundational curriculum.

Developed as short six-lesson units, these courses encourage learners to explore a range of complex topics, from examining what Judaism says about our life’s purpose to dealing with personal loss, accompanied by pragmatic Jewish insights and a wide variety of modern applications that will inspire learners along the way. Our soulful 6-week courses utilize thoughtfully designed materials including a detailed instructor book to guide a community of learners in their growth.

 Living Wisdom is uniquely positioned to satisfy contemporary learners for many reasons, including:

  • Unparalleled learning materials developed by experts with four decades of adult Jewish learning experience
  • Learning experiences designed around building community and connections
  • Contemporary curriculum providing a nuanced and sophisticated approach to fundamental Jewish ideas, traditions, and practices
  • Content covering essential topics in a "choose your own journey" format, welcoming learners regardless of background or knowledge level
  • Designed to that meet the needs of today’s busy, yet curious learners


As a leading resource for adult Jewish learning, Melton aims to set the standard for compelling course materials that meet the needs of learners in any phase of their search for answers to life’s essential questions. 

Hear what learners are saying about Living Wisdom

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    “I think the course enriched my conceptualization of what it means to be truly human, and what our responsibilities are as people and how we look at other people.”
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    “Seeing the interpretations of the commentators through the lens of when they lived and who they would have been trying to influence has been so valuable. Additionally, the interest and varied thinking of our fellow students contributes so much to my learning.”


Melton provides “full-service” support for our partners, including:

  • Marketing materials
  • Personalized coaching
  • Professional development training
  • Access to a global network of colleagues
  • High-quality printed course books & eBooks for every course
  • Faculty materials that include thorough analyses of the texts and well-thought-out guidance for teaching

If you are interested in making a lasting impact on your local community through Melton’s unmatched curriculum, consider partnering with us and bringing our Living Wisdom courses to your learners.  

Please contact info@meltonschool.org to learn more or discuss offering Living Wisdom in your community.