• Topic: History, Torah
  • Duration: 8-10 sessions
  • Status: New

Vayikra artwork by Darius Gilmont

Tracing major female figures of the Bible through classic and modern midrashic commentary, we meet a dazzling line up of more than a dozen biblical heroines — some you may know and some you may have never heard of! Let’s go behind the scenes to gain multiple perspectives on their lives, relationships, and choices, as we understand their roles in Jewish history and literature as full, well-rounded characters. Register here.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 – Biblical Women and Midrash: An Introduction
Lesson 2 – Chavah: Choice and Destiny
Lesson 3 – Sarah: Hidden and Revealed
Lesson 4 – Lot’s Wife and Daughters: Mortality and Eternity
Lesson 5 – Rivkah: Continuity and Rupture
Lesson 6 – Rachel and Leah: Sisters and Rivals
Lesson 7 – Serach bat Asher: Memory and Invention
Lesson 8 – Women of the Exodus: Resistance and Revelation
Lesson 9 – Devorah: Prophecy and Power
Lesson 10 – Chanah: Anguish and Grace

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