Noga BarOr-Bing, PhD

Currently Director of the Melton Center for Jewish Studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Also serves as a supervisor in the Ultra-Orthodox Women’s Leadership Program of the Mandel School for Leadership in Jerusalem. 

Noga is an alumnus of the prestigious Revivim Program which trains teachers to teach Jewish studies to secular students. Subsequently, Noga returned there as an instructor and supervisor of teacher-trainees as well.  

In the Hartman Institute Noga directed and supervised the department of teaching Jewish thought in secular schools. She supervised secular principals and teachers in presenting Jewish studies and ethics relevant to today’s secular youth. She also taught is the David Yellin Teachers Academy. 

Noga acquired her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Hebrew University and her PhD from the Ben Gurion University in the Negev. In her dissertation she compared analysis of Hassidic texts, especially regarding spousal relations, with interviews of Hassidic women on the disparity between the written word and its practice. Noga’s book “Gender in the Ultra-Orthodox Community”, based on her PhD dissertation was recently published. 

Noga is married and the mother of four sons.  In her free time, she deals in design.