Topic: Philosophy, Torah

Vayikra artwork by Darius Gilmont

Prayer provides a means to express gratitude. Prayer can be silent. Prayer can be communal. Prayer expresses our deepest needs and appreciation. This course follows the development of prayer, from the Tabernacle in the wilderness of Sinai, to the Temple in Jerusalem, to the Synagogue of today. The course will also explore some of the concepts behind prayer and blessings, as well as the power of meditation, as we link our past, present, and future, to the immediate and the transcendent.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - On a Wing and a Prayer: Why People Pray
Lesson 2 - Minyans, Mishkan, and the Mobile Community
Lesson 3 - Breathing Berakhot into Life, and Life into Berakhot
Lesson 4 - Intention, Connection, and Introspection
Lesson 5 - Praying the Part: Special Prayers for Ordinary Days
Lesson 6 - Shal-Ohm: Mysticism, Meditation and Meaning