Rabbi Greg Alexander

Rabbi Greg Alexander is a graduate of the University of Cape Town, Leo-Baeck College in London and the Melton Senior Educators course at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  As Rabbi of Temple Israel, Cape Town, the largest Progressive Congregation in Africa for 14 years, he has helped build his community into a vibrant and growing hub of Jewish life in the African continent.  Growing up in Apartheid South Africa, he brings his lived experience of the transformation from minority rule to democracy and the challenges the country has faced since then to his Torah-teaching and social activism.  As a master-educator, he has lived and taught in Jewish communities from England to Israel, Hungary to Russia and the USA to South Africa.  He has taught on the Melton Faculty for 9 years, and has written a local adaptation of the Denominations curriculum to trace the history of Jewish denominations in South Africa.  He lives in Cape Town with his wife, Andrea, a rabbinical student and their three children.