• Topic: Culture, History
  • Duration: 8-10 sessions

Jewish Humor From Sinai to Seinfeld 243

Humor is part of the Jewish soul, offering us the ability to laugh at our tragedies, concerns, and preoccupations. In 10-sessions, this course reveals a treasure of irresistible Jewish jokes, wit, and wisdom. From the ancient Israelite’s relationship with God to our contemporary cultural and religious divisions, there’s a Jewish joke for every moment, every thought, and every issue. Delving deeply into Jewish comedy — from Fanny Brice and Lenny Bruce to Mel Brooks, Seinfeld, and Sarah Silverman — this course invites learners to analyze and interpret the evolving values of the Jewish people buried deep in their comedic expression. Throughout history, humor has elevated our spirits and bonded us as a people. This course takes a serious look at being Jewish — and being funny. Register today.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - How to ‘read’ a Jewish joke

Lesson 2 - A lack of graves

Lesson 3 - The goyim annoy’em

Lesson 4 - If you’re so smart...

Lesson 5 - The joy of text

Lesson 6 - Take my wife, please

Lesson 7 - “You can change your noses but not your Moses”

Lesson 8 - Dig, I’m Jewish

Lesson 9 - Mothers and others

Lesson 10 - Seriously funny


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