Our Commitment to Your Well-being and Enjoyment

Your health, well-being, and enjoyment are our top priorities. The Melton travel team consults with health and security experts around the world to ensure a healthy and enjoyable travel experience.

The policies and procedures related to COVID-19 vary from state to state and country to country. They are also constantly getting updated and revised accordingly. We plan to update you in the weeks leading up to your seminar, but you are ultimately responsible for checking and complying with the policies of your travel destination.

Additionally, please read below for general information on Melton’s requirements.

Please read carefully:

Insurance: We encourage you to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that covers both “cancellation for any reason” and for other health-related reasons. Even where your destination does not presently restrict travel due to COVID, we still recommend you purchase a policy with such coverage. It’s helpful for you to provide us with your policy information in the event it is needed during the seminar. We encourage you to go to Forbes Travel Insurance Guide, published regularly, allowing you to compare and contrast insurance plans that best fit your travel needs.

Please pay special attention to the cut-off date by which you must take out health insurance after registering for the seminar to be covered for pre-existing conditions.

Your Travel Staff: Our travel staff are available throughout the seminar to help address unexpected situations – including illness and emergencies.

  • Please bring a list of medications on a slip of paper or post-it-note, to place inside your passport for emergency purposes.

  • If you think you may have Covid, we will arrange for a PCR test as soon as possible; your insurance company will require an official test for reimbursement of expenses.

  • In the event you are Covid+, we’ll require you to isolate from the group.

  • In the event you need hospitalization, we will accompany you to the hospital and make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable and will update your emergency contact as to the situation. Any costs for hospitalization, treatment and/or hotel confinement is the responsibility of the traveler, not Melton. A Melton staff member will not be able to remain onsite during isolation or hospitalization but will remain in contact with you and hospital staff to make sure you have what you need.

  • Please make sure to share the itinerary along with Andrea’s cell phone number with your emergency contacts: 818/489-8300.

  • Please make sure we have your most up-to-date emergency contact information.

Use of Face Coverings: The use of face masks is left to your discretion unless required by a seminar location. Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests are required to provide their own personal protective equipment on our seminars. Some seminar locations may require a mask for entry. Please bring a few over the counter Covid test kits, in the event you are not feeling well.

What You Can Do:

  • Bring a mask from home.

  • Pack a few COVID-19 Antigen Self Tests.

  • If you become ill on the seminar, immediately alert the travel staff.

Because the situation remains fluid, we recommend reviewing CDC travel recommendations here.