• Topic: Philosophy, Torah

Vayikra artwork by Darius Gilmont

Jewish history puts a new twist on the famous opening line β€œIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” How often do we stop and acknowledge the time-honored highs and the lows of our lives as Jews?  Are we even aware of them? The Jewish year guides us through our peaks and valleys as a people, our moments of triumph and of tragedy. Together, we look back on the moments that offer a deeper understanding of the Jewish people throughout the millennia β€” and inspire us in the present. Register today.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Purim Past and Present: Unmasking the Story
Lesson 2 - Eight Nights: Shining Light on Chanukah
Lesson 3 - The 9th of Av: Modern Mourning for Tragedies of the Past
Lesson 4 - Yom HaShoah: Remembering the Unforgettable
Lesson 5 - From Commemoration to Celebration in the State of Israel
Lesson 6 - There Can Be Miracles, When You Believe