• Topic: Philosophy, Torah

Bemidbar - artwork by Darius GilmontLeadership is a constant theme in the Torah. This course examines the different types of leaders found in the book of BeMidbar, including the famous pair of leaders: Moses and Aaron. Learners will see that while a good leader is a true blessing, having too many leaders results in infighting and dissent. BeMidbar is full of lessons on challenging authority for better and for worse — lessons just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Let’s sift through the sands of time to examine the concepts of “leader,” “hero,” “rebel” and “community” with fresh eyes. Register today.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Come with Us

Lesson 2 - Murmuring and Complaints

Lesson 3 - Humility in the Face of Criticism

Lesson 4 - Send in the Spies

Lesson 5 - Rebellion in the Wilderness

Lesson 6 - Thirst for Water: Déjà-vu or Something New?

Lesson 7 - Bil’am Sets Out

Lesson 8 - Sinners and Zealots

Lesson 9 - A Fathers Name - His Daughters’ Legacy

Lesson 10 - East Side Story: Pioneers or Opportunists?

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