• Topic: Jewish Practices, Philosophy
  • Duration: 20+ sessions

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There is a syncopation in Jewish life that marks the passing of time for the Jewish people as a community, as families, and as individuals. Discover the meaning and importance of these rituals, practices, and moments as you take a 25-lesson journey through the year-cycle, lifecycle, traditions, and practices that bind us together. Explore not just the what’s and how’s of Jewish living, but the why’s that go with them. Register today.

This course is taught in conjunction with Purposes of Jewish Living. Explore options for taking both courses together here.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - A Time for Every Purpose under the Heaven: What is "Jewish Time?" .

Lesson 2 - Introducing the Jewish Calendar

Lesson 3 - Rosh HaShannah

Lesson 4 - Yom Kippur

Lesson 5 - Sukkot

Lesson 6 - Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Lesson 7 - Jewish Reminders and Symbols

Lesson 8 - Beit HaKnesset (Synagogue)

Lesson 9 - Berakhot (Blessings)

Lesson 10 - Tefillah (Prayer) and Tzedakah (Charity)

Lesson 11 - Shabbat and Its Messages

Lesson 12 - Shabbat and Its Observance

Lesson 13 - Laws and Customs of Kosher Observance

Lesson 14 - Chanukah

Lesson 15 - Purim

Lesson 16 - Tu BiShevat

Lesson 17 - Birth and Berit

Lesson 18 - Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Lesson 19 - Marriage

Lesson 20 - Divorce

Lesson 21 - Mikveh

Lesson 22 - Rituals of Death and Burial

Lesson 23 - Rituals of Mourning

Lesson 24 - Conversion and Adoption

Lesson 25 - Pesach (Passover)

Lesson 26 - The Pesach Seder

Lesson 27 - Yom HaShoah and Tishah B'Av

Lesson 28 - Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma'ut

Lesson 29 - Shav'uot

Lesson 30 - Reflecting on the Rhythms of Jewish Life

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