Topic: Ethics, Modern Issues
Duration: 8-10 sessions
Status: New

Melton Course - Social Justice

Social Justice work goes beyond addressing short-term needs taking a close look at the underlying causes of injustice with an eye toward bringing about change.  This 10-lesson course explores historical and contemporary examples of Jewish commitment to social justice through the lens of Jewish wisdom manifest in our texts. Inspiring participants to take a stand and make a difference. Drawing from texts and history, topics of study include poverty, immigration, environmental degradation and more.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1What Is Jewish Social Justice?
Exploring the question: What does “social justice” mean in a Jewish context

Lesson 2Why do Jews do social justice?
Analyzing what motivates Jews to engage in social justice

Lesson 3When have Jews engaged in social justice?
Focusing on three case studies from the last century in which Jews played significant roles in social justice movements

Lesson 4Study and Action: Limmud and Ma’aseh
Introducing participants to social justice issues in their local community

Lesson 5Social Justice for Whom?
Focusing on several criteria considered by social justice activists when investing in a cause

Lesson 6Social Justice with Whom?
Focusing on the type of relationship that activists have with the issue and people they choose to help

Lesson 7Environmental Justice
Exploring the ways in which the earth itself is an entity to which justice is owed

Lesson 8 – Poverty: Hunger and Homelessness
Exploring hunger and homelessness as symptoms of poverty

Lesson 9Employment
Exploring the rights and obligations of employers and employees

Lesson 10Personal Growth for Social Justice
Connecting social justice activism with personal growth and self-improvement

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