Topic: Philosophy, Torah
Duration: 8-10 sessions

Bereshit II - Artwork by Darius Gilmont

Focusing our attention on some of the world’s oldest and most profound stories, the Shiv’im Panim (70 Faces) series highlights 70-text selections from the Jewish Bible. Based on the tradition that the Torah has 70 ways of interpreting and understanding it, this curriculum features a multi-faceted approach to Torah study utilizing:

  • Modern and classical commentaries
  • Textual interpretations by rabbis, scholars, artists, and poets
  • Opportunities to learn key Hebrew vocabulary
  • uncovering the real-life implications of the story’s contemporary relevancy

The narrative of this course follows the development of the first Jewish family from the birth of two nations through great wrongdoings and reunions, to the renowned blessing of the grandchildren. Stories of sibling rivalry, wrestling with angels, palace seduction, rape, and reconciliation, provide some of the most dramatic and iconic images that reverberate across the millennia.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Birth of Two Nations

Lesson 2 - The Stolen Blessing

Lesson 3 - Sisters Compete

Lesson 4 - Wrestling with the Angels

Lesson 5 - Dishonor and Outrage in Shekhem

Lesson 6 - Yosef, the Dreamer

Lesson 7 - The Yehudah and Tamar Incident

Lesson 8 - Seduction in the House of Potiphar

Lesson 9 - Reunion in Egypt: Trial, Payback, or Something Else?

 Lesson 10 - Blessing the Grandchildren

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