• Topic: Philosophy, Torah

Megillah Scroll

Discover contemporary meaning in timeless texts during this ten-lesson course on the stories in the Scrolls of Esther and Ruth. Explore themes of Jewish identity, gender, God’s role in human affairs, and comedy. Delve into the lives of these two heroic women who changed the course of history, leaving a legacy that influences our lives today. Register here.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: The Book of Esther as History and as Literature

Lesson 2: Dismissing Vashti, Introducing Esther

Lesson 3: The Plot Against the Jews

Lesson 4: Confronting the Crisis

Lesson 5: Reversals of Fortune

Lesson 6: Victory and Violence

Lesson 7: Ritual and Revelry

Lesson 8: Fateful Journeys

Lesson 9: In the Fields of Bethlehem

Lesson 10: History and Destiny