high school students / iStockFor Jewish high schools interested in broadening their course offerings, Melton offers a unique program to develop customized course materials based on its world-class adult courses.

Since 2013, Melton has partnered with leading high schools to create learning experiences that engage students and empower teachers. Students encounter and analyze classical and contemporary voices representing multiple perspectives and approaches to Jewish living. Teachers are freed from finding and compiling texts – they can spend their time designing lessons and working with students.

For more information on how to bring this initiative to your school, please contact us.

Bring your school these benefits:

  • Curricula and content from Melton’s expert team of writers, academic advisors, translators, edi­tors, proofreaders, and designers
  • Collaboration with your teachers and school administrators to select specific texts, determine how materials will be taught, and construct learning activities and assessments
  • A customized reader that meets the unique needs of your students and school, professionally crafted in an attractive format that students take seriously (no more disorganized or misplaced handouts).

The Melton courses most often adopted by high schools include Rhythms of Jewish Living (holidays, practices, and life cycle events), Purposes of Jewish Living (the big questions of life), and Crossroads of Jewish History. For senior elective Judaic courses, you can draw on our rich selection of Signature courses. If you have other ideas, let’s talk!