There’s no ChatGPT for Yom Kippur


Doing the work reminds us that as long as we're alive, we have the opportunity to make different choices and pursue new paths. Most of us have spent at least a few minutes experimenting with ChatGPT. ...

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Shavuot: Celebrating life's revelations and the potential for positive change

Cheese - Getty Images / iStock

 As parents, we typically approach our children with the confidence that we are the ones to teach them. We share our life experiences and the wisdom we've gained over many years. We pass along im...

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The Problem With Quick-Fix Jewish Wisdom

Torah Scroll

2021 has begun, and the pandemic is still looming. So many aspects of our lives feel like they remain on hold.In the chaos and uncertainty of our moment, we often find ourselves seeking a nugget of in...

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The Learner Test: A Source Sheet is just the Beginning

Hebrew text

The publication of "The Kranjec Test" in eJP several weeks ago sparked a conversation throughout the Jewish educational world. We want to add our voice to the conversation and offer a constructive add...

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Melton Executive Director Answers '4 Questions' from Jewish Lives


Jewish Lives, the producer of a prize-winning series of biographies, recently put "4 Questions" to preeminent thinkers on the topics of the Jewish past, present and future – and favorite Jewish books....

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